G&L LB-100 Bass (1993)

G&L LB-100. Setup. Back to vanilla.

Having cleaned and restored the LB-100 yesterday, I can see that things have changed. I want to run the guitar through my usual sequence of checks – to see if I can start to rediscover the setup I used to know.

G&L LB-100. Deep clean.

I recently wrote a post about the loss and subsequent recovery of my G&L LB-100 bass. I don’t know if the temporary owner tried to adjust anything. Maybe it’s just psychological – but the bass hasn’t felt exactly the same since I got it back. With what I’ve learned from putting a few other projects together – it’s time to have a look over the G&L. To clean it up and set it up – back to shop specification.

Late 1993, G&L LB-100. My favourite bass – Lost and found.

I fell in love with G&L basses, one day in 1997, in a guitar shop in London’s Denmark Street. The second hand section had an early example – which had seen more than it’s share of action, to say the least. In fact, there was so much wear, so much buckle rash on the back, that a deep hole had literally been worn away, into the body. But the action and sound were incredible. The price tag of £650.00(!) meant it was well out of my reach at the time – but it really turned me on to G&L basses.

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