"Back in the garage with my bullshit detector
Carbon monoxide makin' sure it's effective
People ringin' up makin' offers for my life
I just want to stay in the garage all night

We're a garage band, (oh)
We come from Garageland, (oh)

Twenty-two singers, but one microphone
Back in the garage
Five guitar players, but one guitar
Back in the garage"

"Garageland" - The Clash

Garageland is where I work when the factories and offices are closed.
Garageland is where I go when the clubs and the pubs and the venues are gone.
Garageland is where I can do it myself. Build it myself. Play it myself. Be myself.

In normal times, Garageland might be a business or a service – but the world of work has changed, and I’m doing things more for myself these days. In other times, other circumstances, I might be a technician, or do this professionally – but now’s not exactly the time. If it was all about the money – then I suppose I could always buy and sell, wheel and deal, import and flip, but I’m not into all that. I’m always happier in the moment, and I know there are countless others out there – just like me…

…Happier playing. Happier learning. Happier making actual things. There’s nothing quite like building your own guitar, to begin to find out just what makes it sound the way it does. Build it yourself – do it yourself – play it yourself.

Another lockdown? If it’s all the same to you – I’ll be in the workshop.


The disgusting stink of a too-loud electric guitar;
now that’s my idea of a good time.

Frank Zappa

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