Checking the neck on the Jaguar.

The pickups for the Jaguar have arrived! Time to pull this project together - well, see if I can wrap up the construction anyway. I need to make sure the neck is good to go - so it's in the best possible shape for the first setup.

Jaguar wiring – Day Two. Installing the circuit wiring.

I have a copy of an original, hand-drawn, Fender wiring diagram I found on the web. It's dated 7th August 1962. That's exactly the same week I was born, (and the same week Marylin Monroe passed). As I've mentioned before in previous posts - to me, the Jaguar design totally encapsulates that era. Rockets, chrome, conical bras, spacemen, surfboards, cars with fins. You can see it all in the lines of a Fender Jaguar. And it's one of the reasons I embarked on this whole project to begin with.