Natural Ash Stratocaster. Specification after upgrade

As I've gradually grown my collection of completed builds - I think this natural Ash Stratocaster is the one which has taught me the most. Consequently - just about every component has been swapped out, at least once, over the last couple of years. With the latest modifications however... I think it might finally be where I want it to be.

David Gilmour, Fender “Black Strat”. Final Specification.

My version of David Gilmour's famous "Black Strat" has taken a long time to put together - but I've relished every minute of this project. Essentialy - it's a kit job, but many of the parts have taken a fair bit of investigation and sourcing. The build is a sort of, "New, Old Stock" approach - rather than a faithful, cosmetic replica. The guitar certainly has the look, but it's a bit of a player too!

The Black Strat. Sourcing the Gilmour Pickups.

The trouble with building a "parts" guitar - is that you have to base a lot of your plans on the specification and performance of various components. Until the guitar is assembled - you can't actually hear what it's going to sound like. Like all kit-build projects, all you can really do is assemble the components and trust they live up to their branded promise. That's definitely the case when it comes down to a guitar's pickups.