The Black Strat. Hardware installation. Getting ready for pickup wiring.

I've now got all the remaining bits of hardware to finally complete my version of Dave Gilmour's iconic Black Strat. The specification draws heavily on a suggested parts list put together by Craig Wells at Overdrive Custom Guitar Works, in Stockton California. For my project, Craig has supplied one of his custom built acrylic scratchplates, which are faithful reproductions of Gilmour's original. I need to drill the holes in the body, so that I can install the plate - and that also means fitting the pots and switches in place. It'll then be ready for the pickups, and the wiring circuit.

The Black Strat. First assembly. Starting to bring it all together.

I've got a growing number of boxes, from all over the world, arriving at Garageland. I've waited until I have a few, key components before I start the build. Neck, tuners, body and tremolo bridge will be the first to be assembled together. Then I can check the scratchplate sits properly, before I drill the screwholes and fit the plate. All the components on this build are genuine Fender, or specifically custom built for the job. So I'd hope that all the factory pre-drilled screwholes are accurately placed and dimensioned. Let's see how easy it is.