Natural Ash Stratocaster – Refit and rebuild

Swapping out the body of my Ash Stratocaster seemed like one of those tasks which needn't take too long. However - after a finishing process which took a couple of weeks from start to finish - I'm beginning to realise how much I missed it. And there's still a way to go... But it's beginning to look like it might well be worth the wait...

Hank Marvin Inspired, Fender “Classic ’50’s” Stratocaster. Copper shielding.

The Dakota red body is ready to go. No point letting things hang. Fortunately, I've got most of the bits I'll need, already in hand. Supplies have been getting a bit harder to source, with the current restrictions - so where some things are in short supply, I'll just have to eke them out. The copper shielding foil is just one example - but this is no time to let standards drop. Sometimes, working through a problem can provide useful lessons in economy.