Natural Ash Stratocaster – Another setup.

I try to make improvements to the playing "feel", every time I set the guitar up. In fact - every time I change strings - there's a chance to tweak things a little. I've already set the Ash Strat up a few times now. This time - the new body has meant there's a better geometry at the neck pocket, and I can do away with the shim that was there previously. That provides an opportunity to really give things a good shake out.

The Ash Stratocaster – More modifications and upgrades

My Ash Strat is now a couple of years old. As I've built other projects, I've learned a lot - and I'm constantly looking for ways to refine and upgrade previous builds. This being my first real build - I've always been pretty happy with the way it evolved but, compared with some of the Fender bodies I've worked with, the two piece Ash body just feels wrong somehow, and I'm constantly reminded of the small compromises I had to make to bring the guitar together. Time for another upgrade.

The Black Strat. Sourcing the Gilmour Pickups.

The trouble with building a "parts" guitar - is that you have to base a lot of your plans on the specification and performance of various components. Until the guitar is assembled - you can't actually hear what it's going to sound like. Like all kit-build projects, all you can really do is assemble the components and trust they live up to their branded promise. That's definitely the case when it comes down to a guitar's pickups.