Natural Ash Stratocaster – Another setup.

I try to make improvements to the playing "feel", every time I set the guitar up. In fact - every time I change strings - there's a chance to tweak things a little. I've already set the Ash Strat up a few times now. This time - the new body has meant there's a better geometry at the neck pocket, and I can do away with the shim that was there previously. That provides an opportunity to really give things a good shake out.

Sometimes… Where we end up, isn’t quite where we originally thought we were going.

With projects moving slowly - if at all - what with the global Covid-19 situation, and my continuing eye probems, it's perhaps not surprising that I sometimes revisit, and remake, plans I've already thought were settled. Decisions which I'd thought were sorted, start to unravel, and other possibilities come to mind. I've been wondering about the finish on that gold Strat for a while now. And then I recently saw this Hank Marvin documentary...