Jimmy Page “Dragon” Telecaster. Final Specification

After swapping out the original HOSCO neck, for a Fender neck with a rosewood fingerboard - the "Dragoncaster" somehow looks and feels a whole lot more authentic. It might not be a Vintage '59 slab board - but it does have something of the essence, and it finally finishes the build off properly. Time to wrap another project up.

Natural Ash Stratocaster. Specification after upgrade

As I've gradually grown my collection of completed builds - I think this natural Ash Stratocaster is the one which has taught me the most. Consequently - just about every component has been swapped out, at least once, over the last couple of years. With the latest modifications however... I think it might finally be where I want it to be.

Fender “57” Precision Bass. Upgraded specification

I stripped this MIJ P-Bass down last year, and upgraded it to be a bit more representative of the classic "57" it was always intended to be. It's been a while, but I've now had plenty of playing time to appreciate how a little stylistic refresh, and general tidy up, can sometimes breathe new life into an instrument.

Jimmy Page “Dragoncaster”. Upgrading to a Fender neck.

Earlier on this year, I finished off my "Dragoncaster" with a HOSCO neck. This was always a compromise. Due to the CITES restrictions then in place, I didn't have much of a choice when it came to vintage style, rosewood boarded necks. Fortunately, the CITES restrictions have recently been amended, and I have a chance to upgrade to something much more suitable.

Jimmy Page “Dragoncaster”. Setup (with HOSCO neck)

My "Dragoncaster" project has taken more than a year to get to the point where I can add the finishing touches, setup and finally get to hear those revered Don Mare pickups. I've had to solve a couple of technical problems along the way, but I'm really happy with the way the guitar has turned out. With every setup I do, I seem to get a little bit better at refining the playability of my builds. It's fair to say I have more than high hopes for this one.

Hank Marvin Inspired, Fender “Classic ’50’s” Stratocaster. Finished Specification.

Every Stratocaster I've put together has a slightly different tone and feel. This "Classic 50's" restoration gave me an opportunity to take a basic 50's-type specification, and then tweak it a little. The Hank Marvin styling is a purely cosmetic upgrade - although I think the gold hardware really suits this Dakota Red body. The Bareknuckle pickups are pure single coils - but given a slight overwind - so they drive really nicely.

Hank Marvin Inspired, Fender “Classic ’50’s” Stratocaster. Setup, and the VML “Easy-Mute” tremolo arm.

Setup time. A "Classic Vintage" tremolo arm would finish off the 50's retro look of this Fender "Classic 50's" Stratocaster perfectly - but there's an opportunity to follow the Hank Marvin inspired stylings even more. Hank, himself, pioneered the development of the "Easy-Mute" tremolo arm, and I'm delighted to find they're still in production, here in the UK. Just the job. And once it's sorted - I can setup the guitar.

Hank Marvin Inspired, Fender “Classic ’50’s” Stratocaster. Bareknuckle “Apache” pickups, and a 50’s wiring mod.

I'd originally intended to fit out the 50's Stratocaster with Bareknuckle, "Apache" single coils, and had sourced them before I got the inspiration to make the Hank Marvin connection. The pickups seem to be a little bit overwound from the norm - so I'm going to hook them up using a wiring modification which should hopefully bring out a little more of their celebrated character.