Olympic White “62” Jaguar. Upgraded specification

Sometimes, trying to capture the intrinsic character of a particular instrument is more rewarding than merely grafting on the latest and greatest upgrades. In some ways, retro-fitting a standard type bridge to my Jaguar, might be seen as a step backwards. But with a Fender Mute, Flatwound strings and a bit of a tweak to the geometry - I think I've brought it closer to it's 60's roots.

Fender “57” Precision Bass. Upgraded specification

I stripped this MIJ P-Bass down last year, and upgraded it to be a bit more representative of the classic "57" it was always intended to be. It's been a while, but I've now had plenty of playing time to appreciate how a little stylistic refresh, and general tidy up, can sometimes breathe new life into an instrument.