Natural Ash Stratocaster – Another setup.

I try to make improvements to the playing "feel", every time I set the guitar up. In fact - every time I change strings - there's a chance to tweak things a little. I've already set the Ash Strat up a few times now. This time - the new body has meant there's a better geometry at the neck pocket, and I can do away with the shim that was there previously. That provides an opportunity to really give things a good shake out.

David Gilmour, Fender “Black Strat”. Final Specification.

My version of David Gilmour's famous "Black Strat" has taken a long time to put together - but I've relished every minute of this project. Essentialy - it's a kit job, but many of the parts have taken a fair bit of investigation and sourcing. The build is a sort of, "New, Old Stock" approach - rather than a faithful, cosmetic replica. The guitar certainly has the look, but it's a bit of a player too!