Making up some home-made Jaguar shielding plates

A set of new, genuine Fender Jaguar shielding plates seems to be an impossible find here in the UK. Additionally - high shipping costs and import taxes means it's not exactly economical to specially ship sets in from the USA. So - why not make a set, myself, from scratch?

Olympic White “62” Jaguar. Installing a Fender Mute

Since I'm decided on following the "62" vibe of my Olympic White Jaguar, to its' logical conclusion - and since I just happen to have a surplus Fender Mute assembly on my new, Vintage USA Jaguar body - there's really only one thing to do. But I'll have to learn how to install the thing by looking first, at how to remove it.

Jimmy Page “Dragon” Telecaster. Final Specification

After swapping out the original HOSCO neck, for a Fender neck with a rosewood fingerboard - the "Dragoncaster" somehow looks and feels a whole lot more authentic. It might not be a Vintage '59 slab board - but it does have something of the essence, and it finally finishes the build off properly. Time to wrap another project up.

Jimmy Page “Dragoncaster”. Upgrading to a Fender neck.

Earlier on this year, I finished off my "Dragoncaster" with a HOSCO neck. This was always a compromise. Due to the CITES restrictions then in place, I didn't have much of a choice when it came to vintage style, rosewood boarded necks. Fortunately, the CITES restrictions have recently been amended, and I have a chance to upgrade to something much more suitable.

David Gilmour, Fender “Black Strat”. Final Specification.

My version of David Gilmour's famous "Black Strat" has taken a long time to put together - but I've relished every minute of this project. Essentialy - it's a kit job, but many of the parts have taken a fair bit of investigation and sourcing. The build is a sort of, "New, Old Stock" approach - rather than a faithful, cosmetic replica. The guitar certainly has the look, but it's a bit of a player too!