Custom Fender USA Original 60’s Jaguar

The perfect Jaguar setup? Part two. Let’s face it. It’s the bridge – isn’t it?

One of the “received truths” about the Jaguar – seems to be that the original bridge design is at fault for just about everything – (although there are a whole series of common mods which address some sonic characteristics as well). With the bridge however – many of the “fixes” appear to cause problems, or unwanted knock-on effects, themselves.

…what does that mean for the setup itself? Is there a way to achieve a perfect balance between archtop form, and solid-body function?

The perfect Jaguar setup? Part one. Appreciating the design, and architecture.

Comparing the various Jaguar bridge options got me thinking. I just couldn’t work out what that Fender Tune-o-matic bridge was trying to achieve. Since I plan to have a few offsets to set up over the next few months, I need to work out how to solve some of the technical differences which make Stratocasters and Jaguars so, apparently, different. I began to realise, I’d have to look at things in a different way…

New Project. Custom built Fender Jaguar USA

I regularly modify previous builds in order to learn more about how they work, and to try and improve on my original results. I’m always in search of the best quality instrument I can put together. Unfortunately, the situation with my eyesight is making some of the processes more difficult. Maybe it’s time to leave some of it to the experts, for a change.

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