Kurt Cobain JagStang

Kurt Cobain “Jag-Stang”. (Slow) progress.

Time goes by so slow… or so it seems sometimes. Obviously – some projects take time to assemble a sort of “critical mass” of componentry. Working with Fender parts can be a time-consuming thing for us “Limeys” – what with waiting for shipping and the inevitable customs clearances. Plus – I have to spin on a limited budget. Nevertheless – bits for the JagStang are beginning to roll in…

The perfect Jaguar setup? Part two. Let’s face it. It’s the bridge – isn’t it?

One of the “received truths” about the Jaguar – seems to be that the original bridge design is at fault for just about everything – (although there are a whole series of common mods which address some sonic characteristics as well). With the bridge however – many of the “fixes” appear to cause problems, or unwanted knock-on effects, themselves.

…what does that mean for the setup itself? Is there a way to achieve a perfect balance between archtop form, and solid-body function?

The perfect Jaguar setup? Part one. Appreciating the design, and architecture.

Comparing the various Jaguar bridge options got me thinking. I just couldn’t work out what that Fender Tune-o-matic bridge was trying to achieve. Since I plan to have a few offsets to set up over the next few months, I need to work out how to solve some of the technical differences which make Stratocasters and Jaguars so, apparently, different. I began to realise, I’d have to look at things in a different way…

New project. Kurt Cobain “Jag-Stang”

I’m always looking for a new project to pour myself into. Having recently got my “62” Jaguar out of it’s case for the first time in a while – I’ve recently had an urge to get a bit more involved with offset body guitars again. I always like to find opportunities to research and build my own versions of various, iconic, instruments. This looks like a perfect opportunity.

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